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Tech Guide is your ultimate resource of technical consumer news and reviews from leading industry insiders. Founded in San Francisco, Tech Guide consists of a network of expert authors and editors dedicated to delivering industry news and information straight from the sources. Founded in 2021, Tech Guide was founded by a team of passionate technology writers. Today, the site continues to expand its coverage on many topics, including consumer electronics, information technology, wireless communications, business/venture, healthcare, education, home, personal tech, and much more.

For consumers who want to get in touch with experts on the latest gadgets and innovations, the site offers an array of consumer stories, reviews, and technical information. With weekly updates from noted experts, the site brings the readers first-hand accounts of new products and technologies that are being released. The portal also regularly features consumer Q&A columns that allow members to ask questions and receive answers from noted professionals. Popular topics on the Q & A column include current phone and broadband trends, Apple’s iPhone, the iPad, self-storage, digital cameras, digital TV, high end music devices, keychains, laptop accessories, networking products, social networking products, and more.

In addition, the site offers information on how to choose the right computer for your computing needs. It also offers helpful consumer guides on topics such as buying a computer, buying a mobile phone, accessories, office software, personal productivity tools, Web browsing basics, and more. As part of the membership, members can also access newsletters that are sent to them on a daily basis. To date, the tech news site has launched over twenty-four hundred blogs. Each of these blogs discusses a different topic on a personal level and often include product and consumer tips. In addition, the blog section of the site includes links to popular retailers, enabling reader to click on links to shop for the items that they need.