Tech Guide – Consumer Guide

Tech Guide is an ultimate resource for consumer driven tech news and reviews. headquartered in San Francisco, Tech Guide concentrates on technology coverage which covers major businesses in the consumer technology industry. The organization offers news, reviews and technical resources on a wide range of topics such as mobile, cloud, embedded, enterprise, education and hardware. It also posts periodic articles with information on the latest products and technologies used in the consumer technology industry.

The software solutions segment features a variety of important applications such as Nautilus and Zagat. In this segment, they publish both user and system level magazine for a number of years. In the user oriented tech guide, they discuss about various computer applications that one can use for creating documents and sharing information. They also discuss about how to develop a document and share that with others through online means such as email or social networks.

On the other hand, in the software solutions industry, they focus on information on new and emerging software applications and their uses for business and individuals. For instance, they publish information related to the software solution Ketera, a cost-effective and flexible information management tool for the healthcare industry. Another popular product is the Open Source Content Management System (CSCS) by the German company Sourcebooks. They also publish a C++ manual on “Guides on C++ Programming”.