Tech Guide – A Look at How Technology Guide Created Its Success

Tech Guide is your ultimate source of all consumer electronics news and technical reviews. headquartered in San Francisco, California, Tech Guide has become the go-to source for techies, students, and hobbyists everywhere. Formed in 1995 by Bill Atkinson, the site is now known as simply “Tech Guide”. For Atkins there were many different inspirations, and for the company itself they wanted to be known as a purveyor of quality products – with a strong focus on customer service, satisfaction, and a commitment to “making people happy”.

This show, “Tech Guide: Inside the Smart Home”, features an excellent segment where Atkins and guests weigh in on some of the hottest topics of the day – from the hottest new gadget, to the best new television for home entertainment. Guests include such notable personalities as Chris Evans (actor, director, and creator of the NBC sitcom ” Extras”), Kathleen Turner (VP of marketing and communications for Apple), Greg Marshall (host of the popular podcast “Tech Problems”), Brad Pitt (actor, director, and producer), and Markiplier (famous YouTube personality). For the most part the guests are generally happy to dish on their new gadgets, or answer questions about using advanced technology, but occasionally someone pops up who somehow gets even more excited about something that we hadn’t heard about before!

The show is really more of an educational experience than it is a comedy, in large part because of the insightful and often humorous information presented. For anyone who is stuck for new information regarding any topic, this is the perfect source. Tech Guide really hit the nail on the head with their “Tech Questions” segments – extremely well done, informative, and entertaining. I highly recommend giving “Tech Guide” a look if you are in need of a little information about one or more tech topics. The show is often sponsored by major manufacturers, so be sure to tune in to the most popular day/time programming in the world, as well as some other equally interesting shows.