Social Media and The Internet – The Good and The Bad

Internet, a computer networking system which has drastically revolutionized the ways of communication and commerce by enabling different computer networks all over the world to connect. At one time, the Internet was just a dream that many people hoped would come true. Then slowly it became a reality. At times called a global network of computers, the Internet came into being in the United States during the early 1990s but didn’t become readily accessible to the public until the late 1990s. The Internet is so important to our everyday life that it is essential to everyone; however, many people don’t know how to use the Internet and they are unaware of what services and websites they can use online.

Millions of users log onto the Internet every single day and millions more visit websites from their home computers. The incredible speed at which the Internet can grow has made it an integral part of our lives. Because of the huge number of Internet users, the Internet has many types of systems in place to keep track of the connections between individuals and networks such as the ICQ or Microsoft Messenger. These types of programs are not designed to keep track of the large volumes of data that are transferred through the Internet every single day; therefore, there are several different types of IP address systems used to keep track of the flow of data around the Internet.

The Internet is an amazing tool and it can be a powerful business tool as well. Businesses such as Google and Facebook have created social media websites that allow their millions of users to stay connected and keep up to date with what’s going on with their friends and family. With social media, it’s now possible for businesses to create a presence for themselves on the Internet that their customers can interact with and get in touch with them in real-time. Without the existence of these kinds of Internet applications, it would be much more difficult for businesses to remain connected and have an effect on their customers’ lives. Businesses definitely benefit from having the Internet; however, the benefits of having the Internet outweigh any disadvantages that may come along the way when a business begins using the Internet for marketing purposes.