Internet – Big Data

The Internet isn’t a huge virtual international computer network; rather it’s a massive simple network of communication. The Internet just moves information from one location to another, which means that you can chat, use the Internet to order goods and services online, and share data with anybody around the world. Data travels over the Internet in what’s called packet switching. This process is how the Internet actually sends and receives information.

So how does all this work and why is the Internet so important? Well the Internet was created so companies could send information across the internet at incredibly high speeds, and the Internet itself became a huge information center of sorts. In other words the Internet literally is a huge library of knowledge about almost any topic imaginable, and anybody can access this wealth of knowledge at any time by simply connecting to the Internet via their computers. Not only is the Internet a huge source of knowledge, but it also happens to be one of the most popular ways in which people communicate today, connecting five billion devices together around the world.

With so many devices connected, how does the Internet help us? Well for starters it makes it possible for us to communicate with each other by merely connecting our computers together. This is done with what’s called a web browser, and when two users connect they are able to see each other’s screen, this is known as a browser. They can also exchange files, websites, emails, social networking information, and connect with each other in ways that were impossible just a few short years ago. Adding sensors to the Internet is going to make it even easier to connect multiple devices together, and this will enable Internet service providers to compete fiercely with cable and phone companies for control over the wireless connections that people have at home and in the office.