Internet – A World Wide Convenience

Internet answer: It’s a global network of interconnected computer networks, with a central common operating system for sharing data and communication. The Internet was developed by US Department of Commerce in the early 1990s as an Information Exchange Program (IEP) and a worldwide system of computer networking. The Internet evolved to become what it is today, an Internet based on compact disc, with broadband connections through wireless networks and data cables. The Internet also allows for remote access to computers via Internet connections. Today, the Internet serves a great number of societal and personal purposes like online shopping, communication, education, market research, telecommunications, and file sharing.

According to some experts in the field, we will be able to live in a very different world with the use of the Internet in ten to twenty years from now. They predict that within ten years, most of our tasks will be done through the Internet and won’t require us to physically go to another office or residence. The Internet will be such a successful and popular phenomenon that most countries around the world will have their own Internet service providers (ISP). An ITP is a kind of Internet service provider who provides you with your own high-speed Internet connection service.

According to webmasters in the online discussion forums, one of the biggest disadvantages of the Internet is that it can be used only for business and cannot be used for personal purposes. Personal users can also visit other websites besides the one he/she is working on. But the biggest disadvantage of the Internet for most people is that it can only be accessed or used from the location where you are currently located. For example, if you are in the United States, you can use the Internet anywhere in the world but Internet users in Asia or Europe cannot access the Internet at all. Another major disadvantage of the Internet is that you have to pay large bills every time you use the Internet, especially for long distance Internet connections.