How Does The Internet Work?

We are living in the new era of Information Technology and the Internet. The Internet is now a vast network that connects computers all around the globe. Through the Internet, individuals can share data and communicate with other people from any part of the world with an Internet connection available. In this process, the Internet forms the backbone of the contemporary society. Today, thanks to the Internet we can accomplish lots of things that were previously very difficult or even impossible.

The Internet makes us easily connect to other computers and their web address (their IP address). We can then use this web address to access other web pages and send e-mails to other computer users. With the help of various computer networking technologies we can connect our computers to the internet service provider or the World Wide Web itself. Once connected, it becomes possible to do various online activities like browsing, downloading, storing, viewing, writing, and many more.

There are different types of technologies that make the Internet possible and fast. One such type is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, also known as HTTP. This technology makes it possible for web pages to be viewed quickly by the viewer by means of a web browser. This technology makes it possible to access the information on the computers close to the recipient as well. Another form is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol server, or the HTTP server. This is responsible for providing internet access to the client machines.