Getting Involved With The Tech Guide

Tech Guide is an all-in-one resource for technology related articles, news and market analysis. headquartered in San Francisco, Tech Guide has been recognized as the “NAB” or “New Media” site for its consistently updated and valuable content. In 2021, the site was named one of the Internet’s “Preferred Books” by PC Magazine. The site also features an archive of previous “Best of the Web” lists.

The goal of The Tech Guide (TGY) is to provide high quality information on emerging technology to both the public and industry leaders. TGY’s core focus is to bring you the most current information about new technologies, including new products, new developments, emerging trends and emerging business opportunities. The site brings you in-depth reports and articles on emerging technologies, as well as special features on things that college students can use to make themselves more computer savvy. For young professionals and grad students, TGY has a large section devoted to information on how to get involved. TGY includes how to get involved with national and local groups; TGY has a valuable list of SAA groups that can help you get involved with your community.

TGY also includes listings of national and local chambers of commerce that can help you find local networking events, conventions, and job fairs. Among the employers who can be found in TGY are the American Association of College Students (AACS), the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (AICU), the Association of Special Education Programs (ASEP), the National Council for Higher Education Productivity (NCFP), the National Education Association (NEA), the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the United States Trade Commission, and the Urban Institute. As a part of the responsibility of operating The Tech Guide, TGY responds to questions and requests for information from college students, as well as companies and organizations looking to use the site to promote their business. As an all-inclusive site that covers emerging trends, technology developments, and business strategies, it is important for college students to get involved in TGY.