Cybersecurity, Computer Security Or Information Assurance

Cybersecurity, computer security or information assurance is the prevention of computer networks and systems from intrusion, theft of data or other damage of their hardware, applications, or personal electronic data, and also from the intentional misdirection or disruption of their services. There are many types of cyber-security but the three major fields are computer network security, information assurance or information security management and information assurance. Each one has its own set of objectives and methods. There are different types of threats that can be addressed by using one or more of these three fields.

The three main fields of cyber attacks and defense include: network security, forensic science and engineering, and software assurance. The goal for each is to prevent and defend networks against the latest in cyber attacks and to secure basic infrastructure. Each has specific roles and responsibilities for ensuring the security of networks, information, work and infrastructure.

Cybersecurity and network security includes the identification, prevention, detection, investigation, and response to risks associated with the wide distribution of Internet activity and the protection of sensitive data. Cybersecurity also includes the evaluation and management of networks and servers, as well as the protection of information and communications networks. In order to achieve this goal there are three separate but inter-related field elements including penetration testing, identification of vulnerabilities, and patch management.