All About Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the newest buzzwords in today’s high tech world. The Department of Homeland Security defines cybersecurity as “the ability to respond to, protect, and recover from attacks on networks and data”. It is a subset of Information Technology Security, which seeks to develop and maintain systems that are resistant to attack. Cybersecurity is also a subset of Information Assurance, which is concerned with resolving issues associated with the assurance of information in the public sector. Not all businesses or government agencies are familiar with the definition of cybersecurity because it often times is oversimplified for the layperson and includes elements not pertinent to their industry.

Some elements of cybersecurity are included in your system at any given time. Each computer, router, server, networking appliance, smart phone, gaming console, and any other piece of hardware that is connected to the Internet have the potential to become a cyber-hazard. This type of cyber-activity is known as malware, which is a type of infectious program that can spread through any sort of Internet connection. Malware typically requires the user to visit an infected web site in order to install the virus that will allow the malware to infect their system.

With the advent of the Internet and the implementation of smart cards, companies are discovering that their system security needs to include cybersecurity measures. Many companies have discovered that they can reduce the risk of their network or information system going down through malicious software by implementing anti-malware programs. These anti-malware programs are usually offered at no cost to the consumer and work by protecting your computer from malicious programs before they infect your system. While it is true that cybersecurity is a hot topic and is increasing, many people do not understand the different elements and the importance of cybersecurity to their business. The Department of Homeland Security recognizes the importance and necessity of cybersecurity to every sector in the nation and has even developed a cybersecurity certification (DHS Certified Cybersecurity Guard) that is granted when a company has passed a certain number of tests and meets other criteria.